Arts and Crafts Movement
Contemporary Pottery Masterfully
Created by Sarah Gutierrez,
Craftsman, Highly Collectible,
Sassafrass Pottery, Historic Lighting,
The Gamble House
Sarah Gutierrez was born and raised
in Pasadena, California, one of the
preeminent centers for the Arts and
Crafts Movement.   At a young age,
Sarah exhibited a talent for drawing
and painting, which she studied for
over a decade.  In 2000, she
discovered her passion for clay which
has become her canvas.  

Using high fire glazes as her palette,
she is inspired by the spirit of the Arts
and Crafts Movement.  In particular,
she is moved by the “Saturday
Evening Girls”, a group of immigrant
girls who at the turn of the century,
decorated ceramics using landscapes
and animals.  In the spirit of the SEG,
Sarah has captured the charm of the
Arts and Crafts Movement, while giving
it a style all her own.  
Pottery demonstration at
2006 LA County Fair
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